Our Quartets

Musicality Quartet - Terry, Deanna, Jill, and Kay

Musicality first began its journey to quartethood in the latter half of 2008. Jill Teeters (lead), Terry Neill (tenor), Kay Bilodeau (bari), and Deanna Dean (bass) are all longtime members of Profile Chorus, a Chapter of Sweet Adelines International. Terry joined Profile back in the 1990s, in roles such as choreographer, section leader, assistant director, and eventually becoming director in 2000. Kay, Jill, and Deanna became chorus members in 2001-2002, cycling through duties of their own (section leader, team coordinator, chorus librarian, recording committee, to name a few).

Though this foursome has been singing together for years, it wasn't until recently that Musicality began assembling a full repertoire and performing for audiences.  Musicality has shared their harmonies at a variety of venues, including Profile's semi-annual show, the Merrimack Premium Outlets, birthday parties, corporate events, and the SAI regional contest stage in 2013 and 2015 through 2017.